Why I am Running for House District 45

Your Life

One-party Democrat control has failed Colorado families. We need innovative and committed leadership who will make Colorado affordable again -relieving families from the burdens of high taxes and inflation. I pledge to support your family by working to cut crime rates, lower taxes, reduce the size of government, defend parental rights and choice in education, and preserve your Second Amendment rights.

My Commitment

I will work tirelessly to restore Colorado to a place where businesses can prosper, our students are successful, communities are safe, citizens are heard, and all life is held sacred -especially that of the unborn, who have no voice. Having embraced Jesus Christ as my Savior, I support religious freedom, and I vow to preserve and protect all of our Constitutional rights.

Our State

Government should work for you and be efficient, effective, and limited. Protecting the Taxpayer Bill of Rights is of paramount importance as Democrats have continued to erode it in every legislative session. Reframing taxes into fees offends our intelligence and increases your cost of living for everything from healthcare to gas prices. All American citizens must be able to count on honest and secure elections, and I will restore trust in our electoral process with common-sense solutions.

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